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Book Review : Finding Me ~ A Decade in Darkness, A Life Reclaimed by Michelle Knight

Harrowing is the only word that can describe Michelle Knights recollection of her time in Ariel Castor’s House of Horrors. Growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, the Cleveland Kidnappings blew up.
I remember when they were rescued and the news report of Amanda Berry’s frightening 911 call. It was news that had shattered the nation.
In Finding Me, Michelle Knight recalls 11 years of torture, sexual assault, psychological and physical abuse at the hands of divorcee Ariel Castro of Seymour street. Knight, Berry and DeJesus fall victim to Castro because they trusted him since they were all three friends with his daughter.

Seriously all I want to do is hug Michelle and I’m happy that she is living her best life right now. You go girl ❤️


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