Book Review: Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

This book was a trainwreck that I could not look away from – and will I be reading the rest of the series? Yes.

Rika Fane and Michael Crist have known each other for years – as she had dated Michael’s younger brother Trevor. Rika has always found her boyfriend’s older brother intimidating, and she dreamed to be closer.
Soon after their breakup, Rika moves to the city for college. She finds herself living in the same building as Michael Crist. And then soon Rika runs into his high school buddies Kai, Will, and Damon who had been in prison for a night of fun back in high school she was a part of. A night that the four Horsemen will never let go of.

A night they must avenge.

The social dynamics between these characters were interesting as was the world that they lived in. There seemed to be no real consequences for actions – but the sex scenes were stellar. If you’re looking for a dark spicy romance with confusing character development then this an excellent series for you!

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