Book Review: The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Delilah doesn’t know Logan. And Logan doesn’t know Delilah.
He thinks he does – he believes he is in love with her. Signs from his past tell him so.
But what happens when Delilah refuses him? After all, he’s already done for her to keep her safe.
Can he accept a life without her?
If he can’t have her – no one can. Besides – who else will keep her safe?

This quick read by Sutanto had me laughing until I cried at some points – with witty humor and constructive use of dialogue. I enjoyed this story up to the very end. It reminded me of the times as a teenager when I had to interact with people who had made me feel uncomfortable and I struggled to voice those feelings. I think the message from this story that young women should take is “Just because he’s good-looking and interested doesn’t mean you are in any way obligated to return feelings”. I wish I had had Dee’s ferocity at the time in telling them to back off. It’s something we need to be teaching our daughters. I wish there were more books like this available at my age. There were too many that encouraged this behavior as normal courtship – when it’s not.

If you’re looking for a witty novel about justice, stalking, and girl power – you’ve found it.

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