Book Review – On A Quiet Street by Seraphina Nova Glass


In Brighton Hills, nothing stays a secret. Not for long. For grieving mother Paige, that’s true. Since the death of her son, Caleb, she’s taken it upon herself to find out all that she could about her neighbors.

Housewife Cora suspects her husband Finn is cheating on her, but it will be hard to prove that now that he’s called her crazy. She calls upon Paige to find the dirt on him, by any means necessary. Which Paige happily obliged. Maybe she will find out if he killed her son too?

Judge’s wife Georgia Kinney longs to be friends with some of her neighbors. But she can’t. She’s suffered a trauma. A trauma that she must keep secret.

In Paige’s search for her sons killer, she finds that she and her neighbors are more connected than she believed. And now she’s caught in a web.

This. Book. Needs. To. Be. A Show. Like holy cannoli. It had so many twists and turns. I love Paige. She’s nuts. But a good kind of nuts. Cora, I adore her and her spirit. Georgia, wow.

Read. Read. Read.


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