A New Generation of Readers

You can put as many books as you want on a tablet, phone or computer.

However, nothing beats the feeling of holding a story in the palm of your hands, feeling the pages flip through your fingertips, and the smell of freshly printed paper. Book lovers around the world can agree that these emotions book lovers have when holding a new book have them drag their families through crowded bookstores. It’s what keeps children excited about the Scholastic Book Fair.

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As a bookseller, nothing warms my heart more than seeing young children find a love for reading. Today, I met my parents, my sister, and her family for lunch. It filled me with such joy to learn that my eldest niece is an avid reader. My BIL informed me that he had bought her a whole series for Christmas and she has already finished all five books. She’s about the same age I was when I started taking my personal and educational reading seriously and decided to make writing and literature a career.

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When I was her age, many adults warned my generation about how bookstores would be obsolete and that every kid would have their nose in their phone, just like they said we wouldn’t have a calculator on our person. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now, thank god. And that gives me hope for the future. Going around the table, those of us that enjoy reading still prefer the comfort of a physical book rather than electronic e-readers. I only use e-books for technical writing references.

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I just enjoy the comfort of books. Stacks of books. As many as I can fit into 420 sqft.

I have the goal of owning 1000 books. Right now, I am sitting at 453 and counting.

And I look forward to helping my niece grow her library.

What She’s Reading…or Read


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