How I Keep My Library Organized

I buy books. A lot of books. As a bookseller, English Major, and bookworm, it’s expected.

Keeping books organized can be a lot of work, especially the upkeep it takes from keeping bugs from damaging them or dust mites from eating away at the pages. Without proper organization and inventory when building a home library, one runs the risk of buying a book they already have on the shelf at home. I’ve been guilty of it.

Thanks to modern advances in technology, there are many cataloging programs for keeping your home library organized.

I use BookBuddy, which can be downloaded from the AppStore on both Apple and Android phones.

There are so many great features in this online catalog. My favorite feature is the ability to organize books based on tropes using the tag feature (more on that later).

Opening the app to the main screen, you get a general breakdown of how your personalized online catalog is organized.

Here we have the basic book filters. Under the Series tab, users can add book series and then find each individual book edit accordingly.

And down below we have the categories to which users can add their own and sort books in ways that make sense to the individual.

Here we can see what I have scanned so far (I love using the scanner). It’s alphabetical which comes in handy and if you’re organizing your shelves by genre like I do, it will be alphabetized under that filter too. This comes in handy when adding a new book to the ‘pile’ and saves me from singing the alphabet song for the billionth time.

To edit specific details of a book, select the book from the library. Here you can add a book to a series, keep track of what you’ve already read, mark a book as a favorite, or read an online synopsis of the book when choosing what to read next.

If the appearance of your digital library is important to you, like it is for me, you can even edit the cover that appears with the book. BookBuddy has a search engine powered by Google that can find the perfect cover for your book display.

Here users can keep track of books loaned out to others. These loans can be linked to contacts on your phone or if you have connected with friends through the app.

The Settings Menu allows you to import and export existing libraries and media, back up to the cloud and sync contacts and connect with friends.

If you’re looking to build and organize your home library, this app is for you! Check out BookBuddy!

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