Book Review – 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard

I have been waiting for more Covid 19 related thrillers, knowing how much mystery consumed each household as we were locked away with skeletons of our own making, and here is one I absolutely enjoyed from beginning to end.

Set in Dublin Ireland, Architect Technologist Oliver Kennedy is attempting to make a new start for himself, just as Ciara is moving into her studio apartment, here for a new job opportunity. It’s March 2020 and rumors of a lockdown are rampant when Ciara and Oliver meet at the market and start a relationship. As soon as Operation Fanacht is mandated, Oliver and Ciara take a running leap and decide to be a live-in couple for the pandemic.

No one knows they’re dating.

But what they don’t know is, they don’t know each other. What skeletons is the other one keeping hidden away, and will it make or break their whirlwind romance?

Weeks later, Garda arrive to find a decomposing body in Oliver’s apartment. What transpired behind closed doors? Did they have a murder or accidental death?

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