Hey, you! Where have you been?

Hey all,

I know I haven’t posted in a bit. Life has definitely been throwing some curve balls as of late and I decided to take a small break from posting or writing anything until I get my life back together.

In the next month, I will be moving into an apartment of my very own and will be nose-diving deep into writing and finding enough work as a copywriter or editorial assistant that I can support myself. I am also currently working two jobs, and I have started studying for the LSAT with the goal of attending law school in Boulder, Colorado. I am also going to take up studying French and Italian. I am also taking my mental and physical health more seriously and will be working on myself.

I am on a small vacation in Sedona with my brothers and we are enjoying being out of the heat and somewhere that is not Yuma or Phoenix. And if you’ve never been to Sedona, I highly recommend a visit.

I am finally feeling the motivation to write and post again, so the content release will be a bit slow going. So for now, please enjoy some pictures from our trip so far.

I mean, is it even vacation if you don’t take pictures of phallic mountains, or was I just raised a certain way
I made a new friend – he gave me puppy eyes and I’ve never received that look from a snake in my life. I was seriously considering taking him home since he was available for adoption.
Bryce enjoying the view – he is a free spirit!
Avocado Toast ~ Courtesy of Bryan Rasmussen
Downtown Sedona kind of looks like an old European village. I would love to live up here – just imagined Belle sitting by this fountain

I have a deep love for strawberries – and yes, I ate most of this bowl.
My brother, Bryan, at the View Coffee Shop!
This breakfast was amazing – the eggs were slow-cooked and creamy. The potatoes were crispy and purple! It was a great start to a Saturday in Sedona!
This Mac N Cheese didn’t last long!
I thought these succulents were pretty!

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