How I Read Many Books Simultaneously: Basmo

I know I have told so many of my co-workers at the B&N and even some guests, I literally cannot shut up about this app! When I was a book-addicted teen, I dreamed of having something like this to keep track of my books and my reading. And this app does that and more!

So here on the main home screen, you can see a sneak preview of books that I am currently reading, books that I want to read, and so on. You can add a book manually or search for it in their database to add it to your current read, want to read, or already read.

If you’re anything like me, then you understand the struggle that is starting ten books at once. I have a tendency to forget about some that I’ve started. This app has helped me not let those books fall to the backburner.

You can organize your books into different categories, or ‘shelves’. I like to categorize mine by year read or by genre or literary trope, such as enemies to lovers.

The lower navigation tab allows you to set reading goals, such as the number of desired books to be read. The stats tab allows you to keep track of your reading progress such as reading frequency, words read per minute and your ranking in the Basmo community.

In the settings, you can upgrade to a premium account which will allow you unlimited reading sessions, quote captures, and more. It was a worthwhile investment, as this app helps me in my job as a bookseller.

You can add a book to your shelves by pressing the plus sign at the top. This app does give suggestions, but not to the scale of GoodReads. This app tracks your reading.

When you click on each book, you can see your progress, and start date. You can schedule a reading session ahead of time. The app is pretty good at understanding your habits and will remind you at convenient times. This has really helped with the struggle of not knowing what to read next.

One aspect of this app I really appreciate is the note-taking feature. As you can see, I’ve logged quotes, learned vocabulary, and important notes to remember when reviewing. I like the stimulation of note-taking while reading and this has definitely given me a pencil-paper-free way to do so, any time, anywhere.

With this app you can keep your notes and quotes organized and decorated for sharing purposes. You can rate your reading experiences.

You can manually add or edit a book, including the cover page. If you forget to log in to a session, you can edit your bookmark. If you are re-reading a book you can log that in too.

The photo on the right shows what I absolutely love about this app. You can design quotes, add photos, etc. This app is really making reading altogether more enjoyable, and I didn’t think I could love reading any more than I already did.

I am still in the process of adding the rest of the books that I have read and organizing my ‘shelves’, but I thought this was cool enough to share.

So if you’re looking for an app that can help improve your reading, look no more! Basmo is the perfect app for ‘reading smarter’!

Basmo is available on the app store for both android and apple users. In-app purchases apply.

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