The First of Many ~ Web Comic No. 1

Bookworms – they will ‘one-page-more’ you to the death.

I’ve always wanted to get into comics. Growing up, my dad, brother and I would read what we called the ‘Sunday Funnies’ over brunch. Our favorites were Zits, The Peanuts, Garfield. Most Saturday mornings, Dad would be the one to wake us up for breakfast and Looney Tunes. In later years, Dad became very enticed by SpongeBob.

I always loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid, and even as an adult. And now, since I live in another state apart from my father, I get comics in the mail. A tradition my father held with his mother. Love comes in all shapes in form. My dad’s favorite thing to do is laugh. He enjoys the simple things in life. A trait that I am grateful that he passed on to me. And I love the days I get a little reminder of him in the mail.

I’ve always expressed myself in a humorist perspective. But have been too shy to put myself out there as a comic. But here goes something… the first of many web comics.

If you like what you see here, you can check out more of my art on my Instagram : Hippi3Kat _ art

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