Poem No. 3 ~ I Dream Beneath the Trees

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

I dream beneath the trees,

To feel the hollow mist,

and the chilled moutain breeze.

I long, again, to feel encumbered

by a sleep too sweet to slumber

Above my head, the branches rise to the moon and the skys

among the million twinkling stars and fireflies

The sky is quiet, the forrests howl

Little ‘hoos’ could be heard from the waking night owl

In the leaves I make my bed to lay my head,

and listen to the trickle from the riverbed,

Breathing in the wind that billows past the brush,

Hints of lavender and lilac followed to whisper ‘hush’.

And then I fall into that sweet slumber,

too sweet to dream beneath the trees

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