Poem No. 1~ We’re Doin’ Great

People out there fighting over ass-wipes and shampoos

While claiming this is just a ruse

Nurses and doctors straining and victims barely breathing

News reports are scarcely informing

Schools and businesses refraining to fill their seats

Patients and families struggling to keep

but hey, we’re doing great!

Essential workers at their wits end,

The stay at home order to be extended

Now they’re refusing to wear their masks

Now all that’s waiting or them is a long wooden cask

because Karen and Becky need their eyebrows done

All the while claiming to be social distancing, but we’ll beat this in the long run

Our leader has applauded this,

For he likes his followers, armed and pissed

With the gall to threaten our first responders and state governors, with guns and attitude

But with refusal to accept that he’s screwed

But, hey, we’re doing great aren’t we?

Parents and students working and learning from home,

The dog thinks you quit, while the cat is judging you quietly,from over there

It’s been sixty days, I need a shower, where the fuck is my comb?

We’re. Doing. Great.

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