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Hey, you! Where have you been?

Hey all, I know I haven’t posted in a bit. Life has definitely been throwing some curve balls as of late and I decided to take a small break from posting or writing anything until I get my life back together. In the next month, I will be moving into an apartment of my very […]

Making Ends Meet When You’re A Writer

At the start, I had unrealistic expectations for what my general income would look like if I were to seriously pursue my dreams of being a writer. Up until that point, I had been working in retail, in customer service, or in the foodservice industries. Be practical, don’t quit your day job, I was always […]

The First of Many ~ Web Comic No. 1

I’ve always wanted to get into comics. Growing up, my dad, brother and I would read what we called the ‘Sunday Funnies’ over brunch. Our favorites were Zits, The Peanuts, Garfield. Most Saturday mornings, Dad would be the one to wake us up for breakfast and Looney Tunes. In later years, Dad became very enticed […]